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        What We Do
        Integrated Solutions
        Aiming at brands’ business growth, INLY provides Uni and Full-process marketing solution from brand awareness to conversion and sales.
        Five Advantages
        Content and Creative、Social Connection、Data Insights、Ecommerce Solution、Media Ecology
        Precipitation high-quality cases, sum up more experience, service more brands
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        Tel 010 8752 1888
        Build Excellent Brand
        Bring Quality Life
        A China Leading
        Marketing Company Driven By
        Innovation And Creativity
        A Full-Process Marketing
        Service Provider Integrating
        Business and Ecology
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        Inly Media Co., Ltd. is a leading marketing company in China driven by technological innovation and content creativity .

        To empower brand growth, INLY provides integrated marketing solutions including brand marketing, performance marketing, social media marketing, data consulting, e-commerce operations and other servicesAs a full-process marketing service provider which integrates business and ecology, INLY is a trustworthy partner of ByteDance, Alibaba, Tencent and other tech giants.  


        What We Do
        INLY provides integrated and full-process marketing solutions to boost clients’ businesses.
        Brand Marketing
        Social Media Marketing
        Integrated Marketing
        E-commerce Operations
        Data Consulting
        Brand Marketing

        One of China’s top marketing companies, INLY has coordinated over 1000 programs with domestic news agencies and video platforms, including variety shows and TV series. INLY aims to boost brands influence with integrated and full-process IP marketing, which extends the value of IPs to products, thus build synergy to promote business. In 2022, INLY cooperated with programs such as Dialogue, Super Sketch Show, Youth Tour, The Great Dance Club, Love in 20s , Qatar World Cup Livestream and other popular programs

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        Social Media Marketing

        INLY enjoys abundant resources of influencers and celebrities helping brands achieve greater success on social media platforms by customizing marketing plan based on brand needs and consumers’ habits. INLY has successfully cooperated with Alibaba, PDD, YILI and other brands.

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        Integrated Marketing

        INLY provides integrated and full-process marketing solutions with the synergy among “Branding-Performance-Sales-Data”, which aims to help brands reach targeting customer group of by cooperating with Douyin, Alibaba, JD, Kwai and other platforms. INLY has provided services for Yunnan Baiyao, Haitian-Food, Bears, Brita and other clients.

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        E-commerce Operations

        Aiming to promote the GMV, INLY provides integrated solution to operate online shops and optimize the structure of target group, goods, and platform. INLY has successfully helped Perfect Diary, Voolga, Colorkey, Trauer, and Xtep opearting liverstreams.

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        Data Consulting

        Make every operation worth. Aiming at brands’ business growth, INLY use big data and technological support to predict and measure results. INLY has obtained top-level licenses and approvals of Alibaba and Douyin and Kwai and other major platforms. INLY has provided services for P&G, L’ORéAL, Byhealth, Bloomage Biotech, Giant Biogene, Meishang, Hydron, and other brands.


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